Landscape Presets

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I started photography by taking landscape photos, so this pack is crafted specially for those of you who are landscape lovers. The pack contains 5 presets that will give you that modern look for landscape and travel photos. If you are a travel lover, you will love this presets.

Product Description

The pack contains 5 Lightroom Presets with the extension .xmp

  • Landscape GoldenH, Landscape Icelandic, Landsape Hiker, Landscape Mountain Fade and Lanscape Moody Lake.


Can I download these on my phone?
A: NO!! These files MUST be downloaded using your laptop or deskrtop. This is a zipped file with contents inside.

Will these presets work on my phone if I download with a laptop or desktop? 
A: Yes. Once downloaded, you can sync your mobile device with lightroom CC and use these presets on your mobile app, but they must first be downloaded using a laptop or desktop.

Why arent these presets showing up in my Lightroom? I followed your instructions.
You want to be sure you are using version 7.5 of Lightroom or higher when using XMP file presets. Presets work best with RAW images. Also you can try for JPEG photos, but NOT ensure the best results.

Do you offer refunds on digital products?
A: Unfortunately no
. Being a digital product and unlike hard goods, it is not something we currently offer. We are only claiming our presets to work with the year they are created and that corresponding version of Lightroom. With how fast things are updated & changed, we do our best to make sure everything remains compatible but can not indefinitely guarantee this.



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